Sand Point Electrolysis
Hawthorne Hills Professional Center
4026 N.E. 55th Street, Suite E
Seattle, WA 98105
206.794.1258 (call or text), or email:

FYI: Texting will give you a faster response


Hawthorne Hills Professional Center is the two story slate blue/grey office building across the street from the side entrance to Metropolitan Market on N.E. 55th Street. Landmarks on 55th Street are the Seattle Fire Department on the corner, Yummy Chinese Restaurant and Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Clinic.

Free parking is provided in the Hawthorne Hills Professional Center lot at the front of the building.


1) From Bellevue take floating bridge 520 West bound (check bridge closure schedule) exit at Montlake Blvd, follow over Montlake bridge stay right hand side of road …pass the University Village (which will be on the left) continuing on Sand Point Way. Turn left at the signal at 40th –Wells Fargo Bank on right. Go to stop sign at N.E. 55th street. Turn right and we are on the left hand side across from Metrolpolitan Market.

OR,  From Bellevue take floating bridge 520 West bound (check bridge closure schedule) exit at Montlake Blvd, follow over Montlake bridge stay straight away onto 25th (the University Village will be on you right hand side…pass that…and continue on… Off of Sand Point Way turning left on 40th Street NE,continue up to 55th street and turn right onto N.E. 55th Street and go straight away to our destination…we are located on the left-hand side of N.E. 55th Street across from Metropolitan Market.

2) From the I-5 freeway (North or South) take 45th east, travel past the University district (right and left sides of 45th Street), the University of Washington Campus on your right, head down the hill and past the University Village on the left. You will still be traveling on 45th Street as you hang a left at the bottom of the long hill/ramp (45th street turns into Sand Point Way N.E.). You will pass the University of  Washington play fields on the right, Safeway and Burger Master on the left. 45th will eventually turn into Sand Point Way N.E. Before you come to Children’s Orthopedic Hospital (that is on the right hand-side…big and the front building under construction) you will see a signal at N.E. 40th Street. On the right hand side of the road there is a small building un-descript but it used to be a bank. Turn left onto N.E. 40th. Travel up the street to the 4-way stop and Turn right onto N.E. 55th. Metropolitan Market will be at the corner of 40th and 55th as will the Seattle Fire Department, Yummy Chinese and Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Clinic. The next building is The Hawthorne Hills Professional Center. My office is in this center at 4026 N.E. 55th Street. Off the parking lot, enter building DEF with glass doors, check the reader board located on the street level just inside the entrance of the far building Letters DEF. Use the elevator or walk upstairs to the second level. Enter door to the quiet waiting room for Suite E  for Sand Point Electrolysis/Maristella Spa. You will be called in according to your appointment time. Drive safely.

Due to the quiet atmosphere of the counseling offices located in our Suite E, we politely ask you to refrain from much talking down the hallway out of respect for those professionals needing an atmosphere of tranquility. ~Thank you!